How can User Experience (UX) benefit me?

UX is about putting the customer at the center of everything you do. The UX practitioners at UserGoodness start by uncovering your customers’ needs, emotions, and attitudes, and design efficient and easy-to-use solutions that bring your customers maximum value.

Here’s how some of the big bees are using UX:


Amazon’s team applied UX research methods that resulted in a $300 million increase to their eCommerce business when they realized users didn’t want to have to register for an account to make an online purchase.


Twitter increased their account sign ups by 29% when their team applied UX methods to improve their registration process.

How We Can Help

History of UX

UX is over 500 years old… and still kickin’ it!

UX principles have been traced back to before the Renaissance era, but didn’t find a name until 1995, when Don Norman¹ asked to be called a UX Architect when he joined Apple’s research and design department focused on human-centered products. Over the next 23 years, UX became the Queen Bee of methodologies for studying the interactions between humans and technology.